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Happy Thanksgiving from Consuming Cinema! To celebrate, today we are making and pairing a Barney Stinson original cocktail The Thankstini with Marshall's sec.

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How To Make A 7 Layer Salad. Start by whisking together the dressing ingredients, then set them aside. Now let's build the 7 layers! Layer 1: In a trifle dish, add a layer of chopped lettuce to the bottom, covering it completely.; Layer 2: Chop up the red onion and add in on top of the lettuce layer, covering it completely.; Layer 3: Add in the package of peas that have now thawed.

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Who says a salad needs lettuce or vegetables or shouldn't contain a staggering 16 cups of mayonnaise? We do. We say that. Do not make this, please. IngredientsEriksen 7-layer Salad Ingredients: (Prop Master, David Baker tells Buzzfeed) 1 package bacon ΒΌ Cup water 1 package store-bought guacamole As needed mayonnaise

Traditional Seven Layer Salad Julie's Eats & Treats

Instructions. Whisk together the mayonnaise, sour cream (or Greek yogurt), garlic, vinegar, black pepper, and salt in a medium bowl. Season with additional salt and black pepper to taste. Set aside or transfer to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator for up to one week.

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cookin' up north Monday's with Mom 7 Layer Salad

The Eriksen Seven Layer Salad. The Eriksen Seven Layer Salad is a salad presumably created by a female ancestor of the Eriksen family. The recipe is a secret and is only revealed to another woman once they are about to be married into the Eriksen family. First seen in Belly Full of Turkey, being cooked by Judy Eriksen, it was seen again in Last.

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Music: "add and" by Broke for Free Cookware on Amazon: https://www.bingingwithbab.

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Place half the lettuce in the bottom of a trifle bowl, 9X13 glass pan, or other large glass serving bowl. Sprinkle with salt. Top with layers of onion, hard boiled eggs, peas, bell pepper, and cucumber. Top with reserved lettuce. Mix dressing ingredients and spread over top of the salad in a thick layer.

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Our recipe includes actual veggies like celery and carrots, but to re-create the Eriksen Seven-Layer Salad, add some Gummi Bears, Funyuns, and potato chips to the mix as well. Finish off with.

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Basically, everyone should be seriously impressed and/or intimidated by the Eriksen family because they are a family of brave souls who can casually down a meal that is pretty much just gummy.

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Wash and chop the veggies, thaw the peas, and cook the eggs and bacon. To make the dressing, in a bowl combine the mayonnaise with parmesan cheese, pepper, and sugar. Assemble the salad in layers in this order: lettuce, red onion, cherry tomatoes, peas, eggs, dressing, cheddar, bacon, and green onions if using.

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Assemble Your 7 Layer Salad. LAYER 1: Finely chop the lettuce and place it in the bottom of the bowl. PRO TIP: Use extra ingredients toward the outside edge of the glass trifle bowl which makes it a pretty salad for parties. LAYER 2: Slice 2 or 3 eggs into long quarters and position facing out of the bowl, then finely chop the rest of the eggs.

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1 To make the salad: Layer the salad ingredients in a clear glass bowl starting with the lettuce, concentrating the ingredients around the perimeter of the bowl and filling in the center with lettuce, if needed. End with the layer of peas. Step. 2 To make the dressing: Combine ingredients in a separate bowl and mix well.

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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (2005-2014) Thankstini with 7 Layer Salad: Directed by Patrick Collier. With Patrick Collier. Making and pairing a Thankstini with 7 Layer Salad from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (2005-2014).

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