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Learn about the most notable tech perks of 2023, such as paid parental leave, professional development bonuses and career coaches, from nine tech companies. See how they invest in their employees' wellbeing, flexibility and growth.

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Benefits and Perks of Tech Companies. When it comes to their offerings, tech companies must have the basics,—like a health benefits package —but that won't make them stand out. Certain perks and benefits have become increasingly popular in recent years, such as 401k matching, student loan debt repayment, and unlimited or minimum PTO.

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CompTIA compiles the State of the Tech Workforce using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Lightcast, and more. Data reflects best estimates for 2022, 2023 or the most recently available data at the time of publication. Data may fluctuate due to updates or revisions by the data supplier.

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Other giant tech companies are also cutting back perks in different ways. Meta has already laid off 13% of its workforce this year and has decided to cut back on free meals and cleaning services.

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U.S. tech companies are stepping up office perks, hoping to make employees feel happier about returning.. So tech companies with money to burn and offices to fill are rolling out the fun wagon.

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Volunteer Time Off (VTO): One of the most popular employee benefits. All employees receive seven days of paid time off and an up to $5,000 match every year to spend giving back to causes that are.

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The share of large tech companies that are doing hybrid (65 percent) is nearly the same as large companies overall (60 percent), as is the number of days per week they want people in (2.5 on.

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Airbnb gives employees an annual stipend to travel and stay around the world. That's in addition to free daily meals and snacks, paid volunteer time, and company-sponsored outings to cool places.

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Perks.tech is an all-in-one employee perks platform built to make work more rewarding for your employees. Find new possibilities to provide easy access to financial, wellness, insurance benefits, perks, and much more. A platform that let's you activate exciting employee perks across multiple categories at corporate discounted prices.

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Here are the top 10 benefits that has helped me recruit tech workers, ranked. 10. In-office amenities. Meta's headquarters in Menlo Park, California, has offered many in-office perks that.

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Tech Perks isn't just about exclusive discounts on tech gear. We believe in supporting Corestream members with access to the mobile accessories you use day-to-day at prices that won't break the bank. We're committed to offering the best possible prices on popular brand names and mobile tech products so you can stay connected, powered, and.

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It's a bleak picture. But while collaborative office design and complimentary snacks became table-stakes perks in tech, they didn't translate into the virtual workspace of 2020. To match employee benefits with the circumstances of reality, human resources leaders had to pivot hard and fast.

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At least employers and tech pros seemed more aligned on wellness, behavioral, and mental health benefits: 58 percent viewed those as important, and 52 percent reported receiving them. With organizations everywhere tightening their budgets, the strategic usage of benefits and perks to attract and retain top talent will only increase.

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