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Wash and clean the asparagus if needed. Chop the asparagus ends into pieces, then pureée in a food processor with the onion, leek and celery. Sweat the vegetable mixture in 2 tablespoons of oil, then add the rice, deglaze with the wine and reduce by half. Add the chicken stock and bring to a brisk simmer.

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Place asparagus ends and Parmigiano-Reggiano rinds into a pot. Cover with at least 1 inch of water. Bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer. Cook until the asparagus can be mashed with a potato masher about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Strain out the ends and rinds through a mesh strainer. Add the potatoes. Bring back to a boil.

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8 cups water. 1 small onion, quartered. 6 parsley sprigs. 1 tsp. black peppercorns. Salt to taste. Combine all ingredients in a 3- or 4-quart saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Skim off any impurities that rise to the top. Turn heat down to low and cover with lid.

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Add the reserved asparagus stock and simmer on medium low for 20-30 minutes until vegetables are very soft. Blend well. Add juice of the 1/2 lemon, cream and salt and pepper to taste. (Optional: garnish the bowls of soup with grated parmesan, fried prosciutto, roasted asparagus spears and/or zest of the 1/2 lemon)

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Chop the asparagus ends into fine rounds and put in a blender with 150ml water, the almonds, garlic, oil and vinegar. Soak the stale bread in a bowl of water for 20-30 seconds, until soft, then.

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120g asparagus stalks - ie, the ends from a bunch. 50g spinach. 4 tbsp soya or dairy yoghurt, to serve (optional) Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan over a medium heat, add the leek greens.

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Rather than snapping the spears, trim off just the very end where it looks dry, and use a vegetable peeler to scrape away the thick skin of the widest portion to reveal the still tender heart.

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Annie Wayte's Chilled Asparagus and Almond Soup. Adapted slightly from Annie Wayte and White Hart. Serves 4. 2 pounds asparagus, trimmed (trimmings reserved), and coarsely chopped. Sea salt. ¼.

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Heat the butter and olive oil in a Dutch oven or other heavy pot over medium heat. Add the shallot and asparagus (reserve a few of the uncooked asparagus tips for garnishing the soup, if desired) to the pot. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 7-8 minutes. Add the minced garlic and cook, stirring, for 30 seconds.

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Have you ever wondered what to do with asparagus ends? Wonder no more! Here's how to turn those woody ends of asparagus into creamy, flavorful, asparagus end.

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Asparagus Ends and Garlic Soup Recipe, with olive oil and basil, makes for a delicious soup, helping not to waste the woody ends of fresh asparagus. Finally, after a long winter, early spring.

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METHOD. Put a couple of glugs of oil into a large saucepan over a medium heat and sauté the chopped onions and garlic until soft. Add the wine or vinegar and let bubble for a few minutes to.

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Simmer for about 5 minutes, until the asparagus is fork tender. Remove the pan from the heat and add in the spinach. Stir the spinach in the hot liquid until it wilts. Let the temperature of the soup reach 170 or below (or whatever your blender can handle) before adding it to your blender.

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Instructions. Add the oil and butter to a soup pot and sauté the onion and celery over medium heat until lightly browned (about 7-10 minutes). Stir in the garlic and cook for 30 seconds. Add in the chicken broth, Italian seasoning, asparagus, and potatoes. Increase the heat to high and bring it to a boil.

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2 tablespoons plain greek yogurt. lime. sea salt. Put asparagus ends in 3 quart sauce pot and add enough water to cover one inch above asparagus. Bring to boil then reduce heat and simmer for approximately 30-45 minutes, or until asparagus becomes tender and very soft. Remove from heat and let cool a bit.

Spearing the Facts on Asparagus Chefs for Kids

Add the asparagus ends to the instant pot along with 3 cups of water, ½ teaspoon of salt and ¼ teaspoon of pepper. Lock the lid into place and assure the vent is sealed. Set the instant pot to HIGH for 20 minutes. When done, let the pressure naturally release for 5 minutes, then carefully press the button to quick release.